The Joy of Eating

Yesterday I took a needed break from my research project and put the world to rights with body over brunch with a close friend.

When my work load gets a bit wild I rediscover the importance and power of spending quality time having a break from studying and having proper life catch ups with my friends. 

I have had my most raw, honest and creative conversations during times when I’m the busiest, and putting some proper time aside to breathe makes my work stronger when I start back up again. 

Also, at the end of the day food unites and is such a wonderful way of bringing people together. 

People seem to be getting so caught up in what and how and when they ‘should’ be eating and what food is ‘good’ ‘bad’ and ‘ugly’, that the underlying love and enjoyment of food has been drowned. 

All too often the internet is filled with negative headlines, new diet crazes and labelling what you and shouldn’t be eating. 

Unless you go out of your way to only see content that is inspiring and happy, there hundreds of posts about getting bikini body ready, adverts for slimming shakes and pseudo-science articles on how eating this one tiny nut for every meal will cure you of acne, muscle aching, cancer and anxiety. 

💛Just chill. 

Stop listening to the internet for a while.

Stop taking in all the summer diet culture that is infiltrating magazines, adverts and social media around this time of year. 

Enjoy your food. 

Enjoy eating out. 

Invite your loved ones round for dinner. 

Make that birthday cake for your best friend.

Most importantly of all enjoy the company you are with and fall back in love with food. 

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