The lack of morning sunlight is really starting to affect my energy levels when I get up! I’m one to keep my curtains slightly open to help the morning sun wake me up & fill me with positivity, so dark & cold mornings are not for me!
During this time of year we can start to see our energy levels & concentration dip more and more as the day goes on. So here are a few different TIPS TO KEEP YOUR ENERGY LEVELS UP THROUGHOUT THE DAY:


  • Hydration greatly influences both our physical and cognitive performance, which becomes apparent when we become dehydrated. 


  • getting into a habit of reaching for that 4th cup of coffee when we feel sluggish can actually exacerbate the feeling of lethargy
  • Keep your morning coffee routine, but swap those afternoon ones for decaf, herbal tea or water 


  • It sounds like an obvious one but you would be surprised as to how many of us don’t eat at regular times each day!Our guts have their own clock so eating regularly and with a routine not only helps sustain energy levels & keep blood sugar levels in a good range but keeps them happy too. 


  • If you are struggling with that morning energy, make sure you are prioritising eating a breakfast with complex carbohydrates and protein to fuel you through the entire morning. 
  • Think: complex carbohydrates like oats, and some protein (like yoghurt or eggs) if you can 

5 A DAY  

  • Not only are they rich in vitamins and minerals for energy but fibre helps to support a healthy gut & keep you feeling energised & fuller for longer 


  • Helps oxygen transport in your blood to energise your cells and prevents anaemia which increases fatigue 
  • Think: red meat, dark leafy greens, fish, beans & fortified cereals 

B VITAMINS (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 12)

  • This is a huge family of vitamins that share some handy common functions:
  • Help to convert the energy from our foods.
  • Support optimum nerve function and therefore our brain & muscular performance 
  • Think: eggs, whole grains, fortified cereals, meat, dairy. 
  • Vegans will need to supplement B12 

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