Physical Activity, Exercise & Joyful Movement

Engaging in regular physical activity and exercise works to improve our health and fitness, supporting the daily functions of our life. Fitness, movement and exercise are fundamental to our overall health and longevity, benefiting cardiovascular health, bone and muscle strength, and the optimal functioning of our bodies. From improved coordination and balance to supporting our metal health and reducing fatigue, physical activity has a range of potential benefits.

However, exercise shouldn’t just be spending 10 hours a week in the gym when you hate weight training! Nor should it be a gentle walk in the rain when you really just want to be lifting weights. Nor training when you are injured, or tired, or just really don’t want to. I want to encourage you to have a positive relationship with exercise – partaking in physical activity that you really enjoy, that benefits not only your physical health and fitness but your mental and emotional health.

These resources have been created to make the science around physical activity and exercise more accessible to those of you who are already confident and happy with your routine. This section also features articles for those of you who are struggling to find a happy relationship with exercise through the discussion of intuitive and joyful movement. I hope that you find something to suit your current level of fitness knowledge and interest, but as always, please do send me any suggestions of articles or questions you may have.