Nutrition Consultation Services

Our diets are not only personal to us, but they are so much more than what we put on our plates.
I follow a non-diet and gentle approach to nutrition, working to create changes that are sustainable for your lifestyle, taste and long-term enjoyment.

Through evidence-based nutritional science I cut through the confusing misinformation surrounding our food, to help educate and empower you to have a happy and healthy approach to how you look after yourself. 

I offer a range of nutrition consultation services to suit your individual needs, budget and lifestyle. Please do get in touch to discuss which service is best suited for you. Depending on your preference, consultations can either be from the comfort of your own home, or at a neutral consultation space.

Discovery Call and Pre-Consultation

Our call will help to determine your motivations and goals, what you would like to achieve from our sessions, and any uncertainties or qualms you have with food and nutrition.
You will receive some forms from me to complete. These give an idea of your current & past health status and dietary & lifestyle habits, alongside your personal goals. 
Importantly, this stage ensures that it is safe for us to work together and that you will benefit from any future sessions. 

1-to-1 General Nutrition Consultations [45 minutes]

This session will focus on any questions and qualms you currently have surrounding food, nutrition and your personal dietary habits.
After reviewing your health & lifestyle screen, suggestions and advice may be made to suit your current lifestyle and dietary choices. 

Bespoke Nutrition Initial Consultation
[60-90 minutes]

After reviewing your health & lifestyle screen and any dietary assessment you may have completed, we will discuss your personal goals, motivations and concerns. We will talk through any dietary and lifestyle analysis, discuss personalised dietary advice and any recommendations. We will work together to develop a personalised series of long and short term, sustainable goals to suit your specific needs, wants and lifestyle. 

Includes 2 hours of additional research, analysis and a feedback document. 

Bespoke Nutrition Follow-Up Consultations
[45-60 minutes]

We will continue to work together towards both your short and long term goals, adapting them when necessary, reviewing your progress and addressing any questions that may arise along the way.
You will be provided with further information, resources, tasks and support to aid your education and progress. 
At least one follow-up consultation is recommended. 

Includes 2 hours of additional research, analysis and a feedback document.